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In what way can you enhance your gaming sessions with your Xbox One? Get a gaming headset that’s game to give you the best audio experience. Turtle Beach’s Stealth 420X+ is a wireless gaming headset for Xbox One and mobile phones. It has a superhuman hearing audio setting and a whole lot more. Use it completely wireless with the Xbox One. Get in the game mood, chat with your team, and enjoy!
Turtle Beach - Stealth 420X+ Fully Wireless Gaming Headset - Superhuman Hearing - Xbox One (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • 100% Wireless - Experience crystal clear, interference-free game and chat audio with 100% wireless connectivity to your Xbox one
  • Superhuman Hearing – Gain competitive advantage by hearing every sound around you, like enemies sneaking up on you, weapon reloads before an ambush, and distant vehicles bringing in reinforcements
  • Mic Monitoring – Say it, don't shout it thanks to the ability to hear the volume of your own voice inside the headset
  • Independent Game & Chat Volume Control – Easily find the perfect balance between game audio and chat audio
  • 15-Hour Rechargeable Battery – With upto 15 hours of gaming per charge, you'll always be ready to play


Equipped with the superhuman hearing sound setting for the Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+, it allows you to hear all the audio details of the game. It’s an edge against your enemies since you can hear their sneaky footsteps, reloading guns, or vehicles arriving near you. Defeat your enemies like a superhuman with the Stealth 420X+!


Use it completely wireless with the Xbox One by linking the Stealth 420X+ wireless transmitter (included) to the Xbox One console USB port. Turn on the headset. In the process, a voice prompt will tell you the headset is turning on. Once activated, the LED light will flash to indicate it has successfully paired with the transmitter.

Mobile Use

Aside from Xbox One, you can also use it with mobile devices. Insert the free cable included in the package from the speaker to the mobile device. Positioned on the right ear cup of the headset is the free cable port. You can enjoy movies, music, and calls from your mobile device with the Stealth 420X+.

EQ Presets

Equipped with EQ presets, this gaming headset improves your gaming experience.

Included in the EQ preset are Natural Sound, Bass Boost, Vocal Boost and Bass & Treble boost. Choose the best audio setting to expand your gameplay.


Quickly manage your audio setup with control buttons that are conveniently housed on the right ear cup. You can find the preset button, game volume control, and chat volume control. The charging port, free port, and the mic mute button are also on the right ear cup.

Microphone w/ Mic Monitoring

The Stealth 420X+ boasts of a removable high-sensitivity microphone that you can use to chat with other players while playing. It has a Mic Monitoring technology that allows you to hear your voice while talking. This technology prevents you from shouting.


Enjoy wireless gaming with the Stealth 420X+ 15 hours of battery life. It’s perfect for gaming marathons.


I’m immensely enjoying my gaming sessions with this headset. It doesn’t get in the way since it’s wireless. The superhuman hearing is real! I can hear even the tiniest audio details. I’m always extra excited to play with my Xbox One with this gaming headset.

Product Comparison


  • Stealth 420X+ Headphone

  • DimensionDimension
  • WeightWeight
  • BatteryBattery
  • Battery LifeBattery Life
  • CableCable
  • Charging TimeCharging Time
  • ManufacturerManufacturer
  • OriginOrigin
  • PricePrice

  • Dimension9.5 x 3.9 x 10 Inches
  • Weight1.6 pounds
  • BatteryLithium-polymer battery
  • Battery LifeIn use: 15 hours
  • CableIncluded
  • Charging Time
  • ManufacturerTurtle Beach
  • OriginUSA
  • Price$$$

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Stealth 420X+ Headphone













  • They made the headband of premium materials
  • Comfortable headset
  • Designed aesthetically
  • Easy audio control
  • Superb sound quality

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