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Our wireless headphone 100-point rating system consists of seven key factors. We rated the wireless headphones featured in this article in the following ways:

Features (maximum 30 points total): This category contains the most sought-after wireless headphone features, such as automatic temperature control, built-in featured, Energy Star certification, and more.

Finishes (maximum 1 point): Products with more than one finish are rated higher than products with only one finish option.

Average Customer Rating (up to 15 points): Each product gets a score from 0 to 15 based on its average customer rating. We round decimal ratings to the nearest whole number.

Capacity (maximum 10 points): Refrigerators with a capacity of 21 cubic feet or larger scored higher than smaller refrigerators.

Smart technology (maximum 5 points): 5 points if the product includes app integration or Wi-Fi compatibility.

Manufacturer’s Warranty (up to 20 points): We researched each product’s manufacturer’s warranty and awarded 25 points if each product came with any kind of warranty or guarantee.

Customer Service (maximum 14 points): We researched the customer service options available to homeowners after purchasing an item. Each product earns points if its manufacturer provides access to phone chat/text or replacement parts.

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