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MW50 Headphone Review

Image of Master & Dynamic MW50 headphone

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Design and Build

If you want a wireless headphone that looks timeless with its old school charm, then the MW50 is for you. The earpads have grills and buttons that look like hi-fi sets. This headphone is an old school looking with a modern touch.

The materials of this wireless headphone are one of the reasons why it’s expensive. Its headband’s exterior is made from dark grain cowhide leather, and the interior is soft lambskin. The earpads are also made up of soft lambskin. Its stitching and embossing give it a premium feel.

They’ve connected the pads using durable stainless steel hinges. The hinges allow you to fold and unfold the wireless headphone. It’s lighter than its brothers and sisters. The weight makes it very comfortable to wear.

The MW50 is comfortable to use for hours without causing you a headache or pain on the ears. Its earpads are super comfortable that it won’t feel as if they’re imprisoning your ears. Also, they don’t have a risk of suddenly falling off.

The buttons of this wireless headphone need a little of getting used to. A few days of using them might help you familiarize them. You couldn’t easily keep the order of the buttons since they’re a little hard to distinguish. You’d have to give time to adjust to them, and maybe give a closer look at first use.


The MW50 quickly pairs up with any Bluetooth-enabled devices. It connects without a hassle to devices that has a Bluetooth version of 4.1.

The AptX audio codec supports the Bluetooth connection of this wireless the headphone. It allows a better sound quality for wireless listening. The aptX audio codec also helps in maintaining fidelity.

The range of this wireless headphone is several meters long. Though, it’s shorter than other wireless headphones. You’ll encounter skips if there are obstacles between your device and your headphone. The connection will stay stable though if there are no hindrances.


If you use the wireless headphone at a medium volume, the battery life will last up to 16 hours. 16 hours is what the company claims for this wireless headphone. If you use the headphone at its lowest volume, then you might achieve the promised 16 hours. If you used it at the highest volume, you’d reached up to 13 – 14 hours of battery life.

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This headphone is simply fantastic. They’re comfortable, which makes it worth the price. The materials feel comfortable and luxurious.

Product Comparison


  • MW50 Wireless Headphone

  • DimensionDimension
  • WeightWeight
  • BatteryBattery
  • Battery LifeBattery Life
  • CableCable
  • Charging TimeCharging Time
  • ManufacturerManufacturer
  • OriginOrigin
  • PricePrice

  • Dimension10 x 3.8 x 8 Inches
  • Weight1.6 pounds
  • Battery
  • Battery LifeIn use: 16 hours
  • CableIncluded
  • Charging Time
  • ManufacturerMaster & Dynamic
  • OriginUSA
  • Price$$$

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MW50 Headphone















  • Sturdy, clear sound quality
  • Aesthetic and well-built design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Stable, long-range Bluetooth connectivity
  • 16 hours battery life

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