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Why Your Wireless Headphones Keep Turning Off?

Have you ever experienced that you’re too engrossed in your music and suddenly your wireless headphone turns off? Or you remembered it was on, but then when you’re about to use it, it’s off. It’s a bummer sometimes, right? There may be certain reasons as to why your wireless headphones turn off.

Here are a few:

Battery and Charger may be Busted

A rechargeable battery usually powers wireless headphones. One of the possible reasons why a wireless headphone may stop working well is due to its battery. It may not function well. You may contact your headphone’s customer service especially if it’s still under warranty.
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The charger could also be a problem. If it isn’t working well, it won’t fully charge your wireless headphone. It’ll then result to your wireless headphones turning off frequently.

Power Saving Features

There are several wireless headphones with power saving features. How does it work? When your audio source stops playing music for some minutes (depending on the model), it goes to a power saving mode and turns off. There are some wireless headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 35 where you can customize or turn off the power saving feature. It can be customized to their application if the headphone you’re using has an available app.

If you’re experiencing frequent automatic shut downs from your wireless headphone, you can try resetting it to clear the saved settings. Here’s how:

Turn Off Your Wireless Headphone

For eight seconds, hold the multifunction and volume down buttons at the same time.
You’ll then see red and blue indicator lights that blink alternately for three times.

Keep in mind that not all wireless headphones may work with this reset procedure especially the ones without control buttons. You may check the user’s manual for a resetting procedure.

If resetting your wireless headphone won’t solve your issue, you should contact your headphone’s service provider. They’ll replace it with a new one if you just recently bought it, or repair it under warranty. If it still doesn’t work, then maybe it’s time for you to buy a new one.

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