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Image of JBL TUNE 225TWS

JBL introduces a pair of earpods that looks familiar. It looks like AirPods and offers a fantastic set of features too. While it’s obvious that JBL provides a superior sound than Apple, it’s still yet to win a wider group of consumers when it comes to popularity.

Find out whether JBL Tune 225TWS is worth it and if it fits your lifestyle:

Design and Functionality

JBL Tune 225TWS has a standard 12mm driver inside. There are no special voice calls inside, just a driver to blast signals at the right amplitude. Simple functionalities come with it too.

There’s one button on each earbud. The left is for skipping tracks, and the right is for play/pause and answering calls. These buttons are all relatively responsive as things are kept simplistic.


With its Bluetooth 5.0, the Tune 225 offers excellent range and bandwidth. You can leave your device at your office desk and walk around without losing the signal.


The Tune 225 has a 22mA lithium-ion battery with a 3.85V charge. Each bud can offer 5 hours of listening time, while the charging case supports up to 20 hours of extra power. Combining both, you can have a total of 25 hours’ worth of playtime.

Compared to other true wireless earbuds today, its battery is rather smaller. But it should be enough to last you through a train ride or long drive. But if you’re taking a long flight, the earbuds don’t have the best self-isolating feature. Others might be put off when you’re blasting it on.


Most people love how Tune 225 has a suitable soundstage that complements its design. It offers a shallower overall field, yet it comes with spatial imaging to ensure each section is clear and individualized.

It also does its best in expanding as far as it can while still offering accuracy. The way it mixes left and right stereo patterns are amazing as it doesn’t jumble one sound from each earbud.

The Tune 225 offers “Pure Bass,” as said on its box. But listeners might tell you otherwise because there isn’t a strong response. The low end doesn’t produce a significant feel or punch. Sometimes, it comes off as restrictive on some levels. The upside is that they don’t make a mess and offer clean and neutral tones.

There’s also a definite lack of mid-range as instrumentations and performances may feel they don’t stand out, but vocal ranges offer clarity and tight accuracy. The highs are notably resonant with sharp and harsh frequencies in higher bands. But certain elements like female vocal performances shine.

Is the JBL 225TWS for you?

For less than a hundred dollars, the JBL 225TWS offers a fantastic choice for casual listeners. It has great Bluetooth and overall soundstage performance. JBL might have lacked design and fit, but if you’re trying to save without compromising connectivity and sound, you can try this.
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