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Finding a headset that costs less than what prominent brands usually offer comes easier with JBL LIVE 300TWS. At $149, you’re getting true wireless technology in your ears without overboard spending.

But is the savings worth it? Our expert team behind WirelessHeadphones.com tested a few pairs, so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found out:


Upon opening the charging case, the pairing mode is activated. The right earbud lets you hear mono sound output. Inside, two cutouts for both buds require precise placement. You can also find a small LED battery indicator and a manual pairing button. Outside, there’s an LED ring light that goes over the USB-C input. It slowly blinks when you’re charging the buds.

While using the earbuds, it’s worth noting that they don’t feel premium. But they’re made out of quality plastic marked with the JBL logo. The logo also functions as a touch panel for gesture and tap controls.

JBL Headphones App

When it comes to its stability, the JBL headphone app is barely useful. It tends to crash multiple times, and you might need to reinstall them a couple of times. But this app is still essential for updating the firmware and customizing the controls. If you’re one of those listeners who like customizing EQs, it’s a useful app too.

Battery Life

As we let the earbuds emit 75dB(SPL) output constantly, JBL LIVE 300 TWS lasted for 5 hours. It falls short of the brand’s published six0hour playtime.

You can enjoy the fast charging feature for the earbuds. Let it stay inside the case for 10 minutes, and you can have an hour of playback.

When charging the case, you need at least two hours to charge fully. You can then have an additional 17.5 hours of portable battery life.

Sound Quality

JBL Live 300TWS offers high bass notes. This feature lets you have twice as loud as mids which is usual for midrange buds. It’s not inherently bad, but it’s not accurate too.
If you listen to a wide range of genres in your music library, you may need to equalize the earbuds’ bass response.


JBL LIVE 300 TWS earphones are worth every penny you spend, but they’re not as groundbreaking. They miss to offer remarkable experience, but they’re successful in providing a decent option.
The sound quality might need a little tweak, but all thanks to its app, it’s possible. Its battery life is its powerful feature, and it’s rare among earbuds within its price range.

At less than $200, JBL still provides a great choice for those looking for midrange true wireless earbuds.


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