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AH-GC20 Headphone Review

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What makes wireless headphones so great is that they are cordless! With bluetooth technology, you can be far away from your music player and have the flexibility to get more things done with more comfort. There are no tangled wires. The catch with most wireless headphones is that they have a standard operating of around 33 feet. For people who need a longer operational range wireless headphone, we have come up with a handy list of our top picks.

Design and Build

They’re comfortable. You can wear them for an extended period, and you’d still feel comfortable. You can use them regularly for long hours, and you won’t get a headache from wearing them. Though, hanging them on your neck may feel a little uncomfortable. This wireless headphone is made to be worn on your head and not on your neck.

The design of the AH-GC20 looks like it was built for the corporate. People who look like they’re businessmen and are traveling on business.

The aluminum and leather design gives it a sophisticated look.

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They’ve integrated the buttons onto each earcup. You can change the tracks on the headphone, and not need to fish out your phone from your pocket. The headphone comes with their carrying pouch. You can fold and store the headphone neatly in it.

Sound Quality

When using a wireless headphone, we always expect a certain quality of sound after the first use. We acquaint ourselves with the familiarity of the sound from the wireless headphone. Usually, a headphone has its signature sound no matter how you use it. With the AH-GC20, that isn’t the case.

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The quality of the sound varies on how you’re using the headphone. You can use it with noise cancellation, which will let you focus on the music alone. Go wired and listen using the audio jack, and experience another kind of sound quality. You can also use this headphone while without power and while charging it. The best way to enjoy music is to use the headphone wireless and with noise cancellation.

The sound on this wireless headphone isn’t harsh. They offer a real breath compared to other wireless headphones. Its bass control is a little sparse, but with the noise cancellation, it sounds boomy. Though, don’t expect much, because it doesn’t sound like a high-end wireless headphone as they should be.

Noise Cancellation

This wireless headphone has an active noise cancellation feature. It uses the microphone to monitor the noise. The drivers get pumped with a new sound that’ll cancel out the ambient noise. This feature reduces the background noise.


I salute to the wireless headphone’s noise cancellation feature. I can make calls and not worry about them not hearing me clearly. I just love that I can be business like while making calls.

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AH-GC20 Headphone















  • Decent noise isolation feature.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Fits properly on the ears.
  • Foldable for purposes of traveling.
  • On and off option for noise cancellation technology.
  • Affordable


  • Heavy
  • Needs Better Design
  • Pricey

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