Beats and Bose are two of the most well-known headphones manufacturers. Bose is regarded as a prominent brand that manufactures high-quality audio equipment. Beats by Dr. Dre, on the other hand, is renowned for producing high-quality audio goods. The Bose 700 headphones are a practical option with good noise cancellation capabilities. The Beats Studio 3 is a wireless headphone with a lot of features.

Beats aces its A-game for years, and now it needs no introduction. You can see celebrities wearing Beats Studio3, which says a lot about the brand. But since greatness requires consistency, it’s right to evaluate how it would go against Bose 700.

Read our Bose 700 vs Beats Studio3 comparison! We’ve looked into their sound quality, design, battery life, active noise-cancelling features, frequency response, and more.

With their unique sets of advantages and disadvantages, here’s a comparison between Bose 700 and Beats Studio 3:

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 — Over Ear, Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Built-In Microphone for Clear Calls & Alexa Voice Control, Silver Luxe
Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones - Matte Black (Renewed)
Bose 700
Eats Studio3
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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 — Over Ear, Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Built-In Microphone for Clear Calls & Alexa Voice Control, Silver Luxe
Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones - Matte Black (Renewed)
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Design and Control: Bose 700 vs Beats Studio 3

Both Bose 700 vs Beats Studio3 designs are over-ear headphones. That means they are both comfortable and maybe better than on-ear headphones. They’re also almost identical in size, and you might not feel any difference between their weights.

Bose noise-cancelling headphones 700 are covered with metal, and the inner surface has rubberized soft plastic. As for the earpads, the Bose 700 are covered with protein, and synthetic leather, which offers a great comfort level to the ears. You can also replace the left or right ear cup if you feel the need to do so.

Bose also has a touch-sensitive ear cup for playback control and volume control.

But Studio 3s only has a stainless steel metal headband, and the rest of the body is hard plastic. Its earpads have an obvious fake leather feel to them. You can activate the voice assistant feature by pressing once and holding the B button.

You can choose between two colors of Bose 700s, Black and Luxe Silver. Both have a luxurious and classy look—the Beats, on the other hand, sport an action-based eye since it focuses on youth. So you can get Beats in 15 color variations.

Beats over ear headphones offer more colors and flexibility, while Bose focuses on looks and comfort. The winner of this round changes depending on where you stand, but we’re picking the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.

Noise Cancellation

Both Bose NCH 700s and Beats Studio 3s have quality active noise cancelling ability. They can ‘listen’ to your background audio, cancelling out ambient noises, and create inverse sound waves. You can then focus on your music and not the outside world.

But when it comes to the science of it all, Bose 700 has better ANC features. Beats Studio 3s can’t go closer to the experience that Bose offers. With Bose 700s’ 8 microphones, six are working on noise cancellation, and two pick up all the words you say. The ANC feature is perfect for taking phone calls.

Battery Life

Beats by Dre Studio3 offers 22 hours of battery life with the ANC turned on. The best part is that you can enjoy up to 40 hours of playtime without the ANC. That means you don’t have to plug your headphones every day, but beats still win at it if you have to. Why? Beats has Fast Fuel Technology, and with 10 minutes of charging, you can have 3 hours’ worth of power. Get it fully charged to enjoy another 40 hours of playback time!

Bose 700 offers a battery life that can last for 20 hours. Fifteen minutes of charging can provide an additional 3.5 hours of battery life, which is competitive with Beats. But these numbers can vary heavily depending on the frequency of usage, volume, and the overall difference in settings. Connect the USB Type-C cable to the charging port, and you’re ready to go.

Audio Performance

Audio performance is the game-changer when it comes to comparing wireless headphones. In this round, Bose 700s wins over the Beats Studio3.

Here’s why:

While both headphones offer crisp and neat sound quality with strong bass, they aren’t the same in many ways. They de-attache you from the outside world and give you an ability to relax, be yourself, and listen to the music without any ambient background noise.

First, the Beats Studio3 has more powerful bass, and its low-frequency response extension is down to 19Hz. That means they can create the perfect thump and punch. Its mid-bass is also on point, but its high bass makes the headphones boomy. If you’re an audiophile, you can’t let this pass. But its treble has zero problems, though.

But Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700’s lowest frequency is 10Hz. The treble is its weakest link, but the mid is well-balanced. It means that it can produce very low rumbles.

Overall, these headphones have trouble with the vocals and instruments.

Bose 700 on-ear headphones offer better sound quality because it has less Total Harmonic Distortion. Also, it works with Bluetooth 5.0 instead of Bluetooth 4.2, which Studio3 has. With these considerations, Bose wins.

Wireless Transmission

Without cables, get in line with the Bose 700 and Beats Studio3’s wireless transmission. Both offer Bluetooth, but Bose 700 is far superior because it offers Bluetooth 5.0 compared to Studio3, which only features BT 4.2. The Bose representative also features multi-device pairing.

What Beats Studio3 can boast of when it comes to wireless transmission is its range of 297 feet. Both wireless headphones don’t have information about aptX, aptX HD, and aptX-LL.


The difference is barely over a hundred dollars when it comes to price. The Beats Studio3 advised a low-cost option, while the Bose 700 is recommended for those looking for a higher-quality alternative. Both of these books are accessible on Amazon.

Although the Bose 700 is more expensive, it provides excellent audio quality. The Beats Studio3, on the other hand, is a more affordable choice with a unique set of capabilities.


If you’ve been keeping score, you might know why Bose wins over Beats on this comparison. But if you want the cheaper option and bigger battery life, Beats Studio 3 is a great choice. These two headphones free you from wired listening but the choice is up to you

For those who prioritize greater audio performance and excellent active noise canceling, then Bose NCH 700 is your winner. If you’re taking calls often, it’s also the wireless headphones.

Both the Bose 700 and the Beats Studio3 are excellent choices. Both excel in noise cancellation, guaranteeing that you can listen to your music without being distracted by background disturbances.

The Benefits of the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700:

  • High End Audio Quality
  • Active Noise Cancellation is excellent.
  • Excellent Call Quality

Why Should You Use Beats Studio 3?

  • Cheaper
  • Increased Battery Life
  • Superior Sound Quality

In terms of build size and weight, they are also extremely comparable. When it comes to choosing the best headphones for you, you must consider various variables.

Are you seeking a budget-friendly pair of headphones with long battery life, effective noise cancellation, and adequate audio quality?

Or are you seeking slightly more expensive headphones that compensate for the cost difference by providing superb sound quality and noise cancellation, respectable battery life, and a sleek design?

If you said YES to the first category, the Beats Studio3 would likely be your winner. If you fall into the latter category, the Bose 700 is the ideal option for you.

In terms of sound quality and performance, I believe that listening to Bose 700 is a better match for the Beats Studio3 than the Beats Studio3.

Both headphones are fantastic devices for music listening and present unique advantages fit for every user. You can find and compare them in physical stores near you or find an online store like Amazon to order. Overall, the choice boils down to which qualities you put first.

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