About the Brand

“Sound Harmony” Onkyo is a Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing consumer electronic devices. Onkyo in Japanese means Sound Harmony, and that’s exactly what you’ll hear in their products. They specialize in producing home cinema and audio equipment like speakers, headphones, receivers, and other portable devices. The company started way back in September 1946 as Osaka Denki Onkyo K.K. Since the beginning, they made sure that each Onkyo product is made with quality. You’ll never go wrong with their performance and functionality. In March 2015, the Onkyo company bought the ‘Home Electronic Corporation’ from Pioneer Corporation. The name then became Onkyo and Pioneer Corporation. They continue to research and innovate new technologies in the products they make. Every Onkyo product is headed towards perfection. Just this year in January, Onkyo partnered with SoundHound Inc. to release a brand new line of smart speakers powered with A.I technology. Also this year in May, it partnered with StreamUnlimited to announce an upgrade in Google Chromecast built in all of the products they produce.

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