About the Brand

James Bullough Lansing was the man behind the famous audio brand, JBL. This American audio manufacturing company is a subsidiary of Harman International. The company first established in 1946, a year after Lansing left Altec Lansing. Their primary products are loudspeakers and associated electronics. Recently, they’ve been producing an incredible line of wireless audio devices. Their wireless headphones give off an amazing sound quality that any music lover would love. JBL has been producing audio equipment and accessories for both consumers and professionals. Two independent JBL companies – JBL Consumer and JBL Professional – create their audio products according to their expertise. JBL Consumer focuses more on consumer market while JBL Professional produces professional-grade audio equipment for studios, concerts, theaters, and DJs. JBL wireless headphones give nothing but comfort and ultimate music experience to its users. The company has already more than 30 wireless audio devices that you can choose from. All these headphones offer you a pleasant feel in your ears with decent sound reproduction that won’t damage your hearing. Expect brilliance with JBL wireless headphones, expect with amazing features provided by these wireless headphones.

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