About the Brand

Bob Marley dreamed of a better world. He spread his timeless music with passion, love, and responsibility. Now, the House of Marley advocates his dreams through actions and puts his beliefs into their products. They aim to mold the world he imagined, through products that give joy and reciprocate it. Superior quality with a touch of nature is what the House of Marley is all about. They offer high-quality audio products that promise to benefit not only their customers but also to global charitable causes. The House of Marley wants to make lives better around the world with their “Signature Sound,” great products, and optimal music experience. Their headphones are engineered to deliver a smooth, powerful bass, clear-cut mids, and empowering highs. They make sure that their headphones are timeless with a highly durable build and high-performing audio. The unique wood design doesn’t only collaborate with nature. It’s made to give off a superior sound quality to let you enjoy music like how nature wants you to enjoy. The House of Marley supports a global organization, 1Love. Their ultimate goal is to spread Bob Marley’s message to turn the world into a better, passionate, and music-loving community.

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