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Ever wonder where those confiscated illegal guns go? Well, they usually go to the evidence vault of the police or the prosecutor. Seized illegal firearms serve as pieces of evidence against the guilty party. Then, what happens after that? Well, they still stay in the evidence vault. Waiting for rust to come in until they’re no longer viable for use.

That seems to be a total waste of natural resources if these guns aren’t put to good use. For some, that may be a bummer, but for Yevo, a headphone manufacturer, it’s an opportunity. They’ll be manufacturing Yevo Headphones metal earbuds from illegal guns.

Yevo will be harvesting metal from illegal firearms. This initiative will help fund the efforts of the government to reduce gun violence. Also with the partnership of IM Swedish Development Partner, the company announced at the annual CES conference.

The special edition Yevo X Humanium earbuds will come at a steep markup of $499 compared with its regular $249 earbuds. It may be a steep price for some, but it turns the table from something negative to something positive.

Half of the proceeds for the Yevo X Humanium earbuds will be returned to IM and other grassroots organizations to fund the efforts against gun violence.

While the Yevo x Humanium has a unique selling point as it’s made from the metal of illegal firearms, still it has to compensate for its other aspects. According to reviews, the Humanium is more likely another version of the Yevo 1. It has the same design as the Yevo 1 only that it’s made from different materials and has a new silver finish.

As for people who are concerned with its audio performance, the sound crispness offered by the YEVO x Humanium can still honestly compete with any other high-end offering in the wireless headphone segment. Bass could be slightly thicker but generally speaking, this is a device that sounds as good as it looks.

The range of the earphones is also one of its most significant assets. Its effective range of the earbuds starts from 30 feet or just over 9 meters. This feature makes the YEVO x Humanium suitable for broad ranges. The earbuds are also compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Another part of the package is its charging case with a 600mAh capacity that will allow up to five recharge cycles without having to refuel itself.


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