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When it comes to maximum portability, wireless earbuds have the best reputation. If you’ve had enough of wires and headphones’ bulkiness, mellow out! You might need a pair of earbuds.

But what are earbuds? How are they different from their family of headphones?

Earbuds and its aesthetics

Earbuds usually don’t have cushions. Some models may have. They’re made to situate by the concha ridge at the center of your outer ear. Compared to in-ear headphones, they don’t sit inside the ear canal.

They often come in a singular size. Users may find this uncomfortable depending on the fit. Some people may have a secure fit while others may fall out frequently. If you’re lucky enough, a pair of earbuds would feel like it’s made for your ears.
If you need them for exercise and sports, you may need those that comes with wings or loops. It helps keep your earbuds in place.

Sound quality

Losing cables don’t mean losing the earphone’s sound quality. But if you want a bass-boosting technology, you need to find a high-quality product. This may cost you a little more than the usual, but if you value superb sound quality, you better opt for the high-end earbuds.

Typically, earbuds allow ambient noise. You may hear what’s going around you. That may be an advantage if you’re using your earbuds in public places. It helps if you’re not too sealed off from your environment. It provides a fair amount of safety when you’re jogging or walking around the block.

Earbuds may not have the same performance as high-end headphones. It’s a tradeoff with it maximum portability.


Earbuds don’t just work with MP3 players and phones. With the advent of advanced technology, earbuds can marry with most of your devices. Today, you can find earbuds that work with computers and TVs.
Bluetooth compatible TVs make it easier for you to enjoy your favorite without bothering anyone in your home. If you need podcasts, you may also have the freedom to pair your earbuds with your TV or computer.


In finding a good pair of earbuds, you may need to shell out a right amount of luck. Earbuds may be as minute as they look, but some earphones may come with a high price. In choosing the right pair of earbuds, make sure that you reconciled the specs with your needs.

The marketplace stretches to make way for models with higher end technology. Wireless earbuds become more popular as more users think portability is king.


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