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We see people using headphones for two main reasons: music and communication. The invention of headphones makes it possible for us to listen to a paired audio source privately. They also allow us to talk with someone without the need of lifting the smartphone.

Headphones are electronic audio devices that are usually worn over the user’s ears and act as transducers that convert electrical signals to its corresponding sound to their ears.

They’re also known as earphones. But when a microphone is incorporated in the headphone, it’s then called a ‘headset.’

A wireless headphone is a type of headphone which works by pairing it with a device through radio or infrared signals without the use of a wire or cord. Nowadays, most media devices use Bluetooth technology as it’s a convenient way of pairing other devices, as well as exchanging data within a certain distance, using radio transmissions.

Headphones are becoming more of a necessity than just a mere accessory. The use of wireless headphones is preferable because of the convenience that it can offer to a user, especially to those who are always on the go.

Why go wireless with headphones?

  • Look, no wires! No need to mess with wires, which end up getting tangled, broken or caught on objects while on the move. The hassle of untangling can be a burden if you don’t have the patience or if you have vision impairment. Solve this problem by using wireless headphones.
  • Portable and comfortable. People demand convenience with regards to their lifestyle, and wireless headphones provide the most convenience and comfort when it comes to music and communication. They also allow the freedom to move away from a paired device and adjust the settings without having to go through it. Many of them have a Noise Cancellation feature, which reduce background noise and enhance audio listening.
  • The ability to multi-task. Wireless headphones offer us the freedom to move a distance away from the paired device. With this, the capacity to do other tasks at work or do household chores is possible. It also gives us the convenience to talk with someone on the phone without having to put the phone up to the ear.

However, there are also certain drawbacks and limitations with these audio devices.

  • They are expensive. The cheapest wireless headphones still cost more than those of the wired ones. Moreover, wireless headphones can be a stumbling block for those who prefer high-quality and durable ones.
  • They use battery. Yes, you have to plug and charge it up when the battery runs out. Usage is also limited as batteries usually last for about 4 to 8 hours after it’s fully charged. The battery life shortens with constant use and charging. It’s also inconvenient to urgently use one when it’s still charging. It’s a bit of a shortfall for the device.
  • They may be not user-friendly. The multi-function buttons may be quite confusing. It may make it difficult for the user to figure out how to pair devices or go through the audio settings. These days, most wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology, but some devices don’t have this feature. Such devices require adapters or connectors for them to work.

Considerable disadvantages are known using wireless headphones, but the ease of not being caught on things and breaking wires is why most of the users opt to buy them. They’re portable and comfortable to wear too!


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