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We all know who Qualcomm is, right? No? Seriously doesn’t ring a bell? Okay. You’re not familiar. That just killed the excitement vibe off. Anyway, allow us to introduce who Qualcomm is.

Qualcomm is one of the leading manufacturers of quality semiconductor and telecommunications equipment. They design and market wireless telecommunications products and services.

One perhaps of their famous products are ‘system-on-a-chip’ processors for mobile phones. If you’re familiar with Snapdragon, then they’re the ones who created those genius chips.

Still not familiar? They’re your phone’s processors. Impressed now? Let’s proceed to Qualcomm’s new battery claim: triple wireless headphone battery life. Impressive but is it possible? Yes.

Qualcomm has seen this problem with most devices, whether these are mobile phones or wireless gadgets.

Battery life is an issue that needs some addressing and Qualcomm is stepping up to the challenge.

Qualcomm has seen two major problems with wireless technology. One the Bluetooth can cut out in areas with a lot of signal noise, and second is that the battery life is mostly terrible.

Aside from the improvements mentioned above, the chip also has doubled its processing capability of Qualcomm’s former solution, which can be seen in headphones like the Jabra Sport Elite and Bose Free Sport.

This solution means that the chip can provide its users with much more robust active noise canceling and hearing assistance. This feature will allow users to experience conditional audio changes. It can adjust the sound from its background when your headphones detect that an announcement is being made on a train. Now, that’s a nifty solution.

Now, that’s a nifty solution. You may most likely agree because if you look at the range of earbuds in the marketplace right now, and their multitude of auditory bionic features, it’ll become a general requirement.

Currently, there are no earbud manufacturers who declared to have associated QCC5100 with their products yet. However, Qualcomm claims that it’s working with some major manufacturers. Now, there’s a good reason to get excited about what the future holds for bionic buds.

So are you excited about this innovation by Qualcomm? Well, everyone else is excited too. This invention will be a significant game changer in the wireless technology area. Exciting times are coming.


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