About the Brand

In 1979, Noel Lee, an engineer and audiophile, established the Monster Products (formerly known as Monster Cable Products). His enthusiasm for music leads him to conduct research. Later, he found out that the gauge and construction of speaker wire enormously affected the sound delivered. Replacing the conventional lamp cord with quality speaker cable took some persuading. However, people started to appreciate the difference and later considered Monster to be an audio company that produces top quality audio devices. Up to date, Monster manufactures about 6,000 different audio-visual products and its accessories. They’re notable for their high-quality speaker cable since the 80s. Moreover, most of their products have a 4-to-5-star rating on Amazon.com which proves the quality of their products when it comes to its build and sound. In 2008, Monster designed and developed the breakthrough sound of the Beats headphones by Dr. Dre. With its successful collaboration with Beats, the company then became the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality and high-performance headphones which has its signature sound, “Pure Monster Sound.” They’re also the leading manufacturer of wireless audio devices like wireless headphones and home speaker systems. With the astounding technological advancement discovered by Noel Lee, he has received various prestigious awards. He received the Entrepreneur of the Year and Grammy award as a go-to source in the audio industry. Moreover, he received the Lifetime Achievement award and nine innovation technology awards at the Plus X Awards. These awards were given in recognition of the impressive technological advancement that he contributed with regards to sound quality.

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