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Marley To Launch New Headphone

image of House of Marley’s Uprise headphones in black.

House of Marley opts for earth-friendly designs in consumer electronics with the launching of their newest products for 2018 at CES Las Vegas in January. Their latest wireless headphones give light on the need for sustainability within a plastic driven market. They incorporated consciously-harvested cork, non-toxic, recycled and up-cycled fabrics that are made from hemp and recycled plastic bottles. The attendees of CES viewed the upcoming release of House of Marley last January 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #14041.

Uprise Headphones

The stability and durability, comfort, weather and sweat resistance (IPX5) of the Uprise wireless is your partner for a no-miss listening experience.

The innovative design of Uprise headphones embraces a sustainable lifestyle through the House of Marley mantra. #MaterialsMatter is the banner message of this company and producing these kinds of headphones packed with recycled and upcycled materials is a step closer to their goal of promoting sustainability.

These headphones are incorporated with REGRIND™ recycled, non-toxic silicone and wood fiber composite resin. The in-ear form factor generates a stable custom fit. Uprise headphones also have a minimal hanger or fin fit options.

On June 2018, consumers can finally get a pair of Surprise headphones at $99.99.

When people buy a House of Marley product, a percentage of the income goes to a non-profit organization called One Tree Planted. This non-profit organization is committed to promoting the need for reforestation worldwide. The contribution of the House of Marley supports the organization’s common goal of planting 75,000 trees within the next year. These efforts aim to spread awareness of global forest restoration and corporate social responsibility.

Aside from the 100% recyclable packaging of the products of House of Marley, the brand makes conscious steps to make sure that the materials they use help in conserving natural resources. All of these efforts are in light of the initiative to cleaner manufacturing and produce less waste.

About the House of Marley

The House of Marley sprang from the passion of the Marley family to bring Bob’s vision of universal music, respect for nature and life, and love.

The brand reflects Bob’s positive philosophy by carrying out the core values rooted in the sustainability of the choices of materials for the products. Through craftsmanship, charitable mission, and superior sound, the House of Marley has been promoting Bob’s vision.

They have also been combining innovative designs and high-quality materials to create state of the art audio products. They’re doing this for the music and the Earth.

Their products are consciously made from the socially responsible materials which include REWIND™ up-cycled fabrics. They also feature REGRIND™ recycled silicone and plastics, solid bamboo, cork, FSC™ certified woods and 100% recyclable packaging.

As part of their Project Marley platform, various partnerships to support sustainable crafts that promote the awareness of Global restoration.

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