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Why your Wireless Headphones Keep Losing Signal Connection

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People turn to wireless headphones because it’s the most convenient way to enjoy music while doing other tasks. But it’s a total bummer when it keeps losing signal connection. So why does this happen? Is your wireless headphone about to lose its end? Not necessarily, in fact, there are factors why your wireless headphones keep losing signal connection.

Wireless headphones don’t have wires. They rely their connection on Bluetooth or WiFi.

Here are the possible reasons why your wireless headphone may be losing its signal connection.


Several wireless headphones have an added feature that allows two devices to connect to the headphone. If two devices are trying to connect with the headphone, there’s a possibility that the Bluetooth connection will interface with the primary connection. Depending on the brand, wireless headphones may attempt to pair with any Bluetooth devices within its range, interfering with the signal.

Interferences may also occur when there’s a nearby microwave oven working, wireless speakers that work on 2.4 or 5 GHz, and video senders.

Likewise, if you keep on losing signal connection along the way, chances are, you’ve passed by possible interferences along the road.

Low Battery

A low battery may also be a factor why your wireless headphone loses connection. To fully enjoy the wireless headphone, you must assure that the headphone is fully charged. You can find wireless headphones with a long battery life.

Operational Range

A headphone’s wireless connection depends on its Bluetooth version. Older Bluetooth versions can seamlessly stream audio at a shorter range. So, there’s a big chance of losing a signal if the audio device goes beyond the operational range of the wireless headphone. Check the operational range of the Bluetooth version of your headphone. Latest Bluetooth versions usually work at 33 feet range.


If you’re trying to pair an incompatible audio source, the signal connection will keep on dropping. You can check your headphone’s and device’s specifications before pairing them. Asking a little assistance from the manufacturer’s customer representative won’t hurt you.

Too Many Apps

Your wireless headphone may be pairing with a smartphone that has a lot of applications running in the background. Some of these applications may cause interferences with the Bluetooth connection. There are also devices that set a limit to the number of applications you can use concurrently.


The last factor would be the quality of your wireless headphones. You may be using an older model or a lower quality headphone, that’s why your wireless connection keeps on dropping. To avoid losing signal connection due to quality, make sure to buy a wireless headphone with excellent quality. Read on consumer’s reviews or try it yourself before buying it.

If you’ve checked on all of these factors and your signal connection keeps dropping, call your headphone’s brand customer service. They may help you with your problem. Some wireless headphone companies come with warranties and may guarantee to replace your wireless headphone with a new one.

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