Talk about true wireless sports earphones, and JBL will deliver. One of its highly anticipated releases was the JBL Reflect Flow. It came into the market in the summer of 2019, and it was a blast for its niche market.
Find out why JBL Reflect Flow deserves your second look by reading on:


At first sight, one would know instantly that its case is too big to carry around for a run. But it’s notable how its case doesn’t show up fingerprint smudges which add to its sleekness. While this may be the case, the coating might rub off slightly after a few weeks of carrying it around.
The earbuds are circular with a branded central button. Its silver sides and colored details around its housing are visible through the tips and fins.
JBL Reflect Flow is available in black/silver and teal/silver.


You can have three separate tips and fins along with having your JBL Reflect Flow. With various combinations of tip and fin sizes, you can achieve a secure fit. You can go for a run with them, and it can be a comfortable experience. You just have to find the right fit for your ears, and they won’t budge as you enjoy your sports.
When it comes to its wireless connectivity, the Bluetooth is dependable throughout our testing period. You just have to short-press the left bud, and you can scroll through its two operational morse codes, the ‘TalkThru’ and ‘Ambient’ Aware’ modes.
The TalkThru mode offers extremely low volume playback, so you can still hear most of your surrounding sounds. Meanwhile, the Ambient Aware is only slightly quieter, offering perceivable sound while hearing ambient noises.
Overall, JBL Reflect Flow offers an intuitive way of music listening with optimized hardware comfort level.


We loaded up various music playlists on Spotify and listened to music offering delicate guitar progressions. Our expert team also examined the musical backdrops as the main vocals make a scene. We also played various singles with prominent bass, and we found out that JBL Reflect flow offers precise and well-balanced audio.
There were no notable muddy sounds between the instruments as they’re mixed throughout the songs. JBL Reflect flow can help you manage a tough gym session on any given day.

Battery Life

The Reflect Flow offers 10 hours of battery life, a significantly higher number compared to its predecessors. You can then have 20 hours more via the case. With its fast-charging feature, you can have fully charged earbuds within two hours.


The JBL Reflect Flow equals the amazing five-star qualities of Jaybird Vista. But this one is more affordable.
If you’re into a pair of sports in-ears, then here’s a worthy pick. Its sound, comfort level, and overall build make up for a durable and powerful music listening experience. While it has its lows, a pair of these can be a great investment.
Get that bass-heavy audio with the battery life that outlasts other brands within its price range.


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