About the Brand

iFrogz is an Utah-based manufacturing brand of Apple accessories. Their company delivers their state-of-the-art products to satisfied clients in the US and worldwide. They make sure that they provide innovative products which are chic, convenient, and resilient. Since March 2006, iFrogz has delivered an assortment of audio devices like headphones, and speakers. In an industry full of subpar and mediocre products, iFrogz stands out as a brand with heaps of ingenuity and flamboyance. They’ve got satellite offices in the United States, Canada, and France. And to fully cater services worldwide, offices in Asia are located in Singapore and the logistics and development center in Hong Kong. They do their best to exceed their client’s expectations by producing high-end products that are made to last. Moreover, they strive to serve large scale orders from the world’s biggest retailers.

Product Reviews