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EM-JH111 Headphone Review

image of house of marley EM-JH111 headphone

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Design and Build

House of Marley is popular for creating environment-friendly products, and the EM-JH111 or the House of Marley Rise BT headphones is surely one of those products. The company wants to achieve the balance between durability and sustainability of the environment on their products. They made the EM-JH111 of blended bio-plastic. The headband is made of recycled silicone and rubber. Its packaging is also environment- friendly. It’s made from recycled paper and plastic.

Though some might say that these wireless headphones don’t feel like a premium product, the overall quality of the build is good. They’re flexible, and all are put together. The headphones are also lightweight, and wearing them for an extended period won’t make you uncomfortable. They won’t squeak or creak. The mechanism for adjusting it feels solid, and the buttons are right.

The EM-JH111 is very lightweight. Its ear cups sit perfectly on your ears, and they feel soft. The headband is also flexible, ensuring you that it’ll adjust to any size of the head. And the plus of it all, the design of these wireless headphones provides you a passive noise isolation.

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Sound Quality

The EM-JH111 or the House of Marley Rise BT headphones is a surprise when it comes to sound quality. They’ve been fine tuned to produce powerful sound. And as with the company’s signature sound, they’re bassy.

The bass is thunderous on this one. It thumps hard, and even when outdoors, you can still enjoy the bassy sound. They’ve geared these headphones for people who like bass. And that’s the signature sound of the House of Marley.

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The lows are very deep, and they get to be on the center stage of music. Its highs don’t get left out either. They’re precise and don’t have sibilance, which is pretty impressive. What makes these wireless headphones enjoyable is their passive noise isolation. You can listen to music and be isolated from the world.


These headphones are easy to pair up with other devices. All you have to do is hold down the multifunction button for a couple of seconds. It’ll connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices. And if you already paired it with a device, it’ll automatically connect the next time.


The thing that I love about these headphones is that part of the money that I paid for them went to a good cause. And boy, these headphones are cheap. They’re also eco-friendly, and most of all, they’re durable.

Product Comparison


  • EM-JH111 Headphone

  • DimensionDimension
  • WeightWeight
  • BatteryBattery
  • Battery LifeBattery Life
  • CableCable
  • Charging TimeCharging Time
  • ManufacturerManufacturer
  • OriginOrigin
  • PricePrice

  • Dimension8.8 x 4 x 8.6 Inches
  • Weight14.1 Ounces
  • BatteryLithium-ion Battery
  • Battery LifeIn use: 12 hours
  • CableIncluded
  • Charging Time
  • ManufacturerHouse of Marley
  • OriginUSA
  • Price$$

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EM-JH111 Headphone













  • It has tangle resistant and durable cable.
  • They have uniquely designed these wireless headphones.
  • It has 12-hour playtime.

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