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Harman Kardon Headphone Review Reviews

About the Brand

Harman Kardon, also known as Harman/Kardon founded in 1953 with its founders, Sidney Harmond and Bernard Kardon. Harman Kardon is a division of Harman International Industries. They’re a team of scientists that believe in ‘science in the service of art.’ The company is passionate about producing audio equipment that reproduces music the way artists want their listeners to hear.

Their speakers and headphones deliver audio straight from the recording studio, just how music should sound from speakers and headphones. But that’s not possible without dedicating years of scientific research and testing to get the perfect formulation.

Each Harman Kardon product delivers music with a cutting edge design. Since the humble beginnings of the company, they’ve crafted each product with an exquisite design that music lovers adore.

Product Reviews

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