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Raise your hands y’all! Google has done it again. Last week, Google just released a ton of new gadgets for us to play and enjoy. Recently, they released the Google Pixel, their latest smartphone. And here’s an awesome accessory that goes well with it.

What accessory? Well, say hello to Google’s Pixel Buds.

The Pixel Buds is a pair of wireless earbuds that bring Google’s Assistant and features a real-time translation right into your ears.

So what’s cool about this earbuds aside from being a real-time translator? Here’s a peek on Google’s newest wireless headphones.

First, the Pixel Buds is a wireless headphone that has a cloth cord that connects to the left and right earpieces. The Pixel Buds won’t muffle you away from your surroundings because the earbuds don’t give a tight fit into your ear canal at all. This is totally cool because it doesn’t damage your inner ear directly. The earbuds nestle into the outer ear and stay in place by a small loop formed by the cord.

Second, The Pixel Buds also comes with a cloth-covered case that can recharge the headphones when they’re low. Its fabric case can charge the earbuds for up to four times. Google said they’d last about five hours on a charge. The cute fabric case just doesn’t only charge your headphones. It also pairs your headphones directly to your Pixel phone when you open the case. Cool, right?

Third, One of the purposes of the Pixel Buds is for easy and fast access of the Google Assistant for Android users. To gain access with the Google Assistant, all you have to do is hold your finger down on the right earbud then start talking. The Pixel Buds will then send your voice command to the phone, without making you wait for a beep or confirmation. Then, the moment you lift your finger, the Assistant prompts a subtle audio cue as its response to your command. You can also skip or go back to your music by swiping left or right on the right earbud.

Fourth, translation in real-time. Not unless you have a crappy internet, the Google Translator will do its magic for you.

Let’s say, you went on a trip overseas and didn’t know how to speak the language. Just grab your phone and make sure that your Pixel Buds are intact. Hold your finger down on your right earbud and say, “Help me speak Italian,” then start speaking a phrase.

The moment you lift your finger, the Google Translate app speaks and displays your translation. Then, the person you’re talking with presses a button down on your phone and responds. You’ll hear his or her translated responses directly to your ear.

Google is tearing down boundaries and barriers with their advanced technology. They’re absolutely making the world a more beautiful place to live in.

What do you think about the newest innovation of Google? Let us know in the comments below.


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