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If you think that Dr. Dre’s Beats or Bose headphones are too expensive, think for the nth time. You’d be disappointed that Focal and Ubisoft has surpassed yet another record. You read that right the first time. Focal, a high-end and hi-fi headphone manufacturer teamed up with Ubisoft to create another experience for Assassin’s Creed players.

Introducing, the Listen Wireless Headphones, the pair of wireless headphones suited for a King.

So what’s up with these expensive wireless headphones?

Well, aside from the fact that it starts at $56,000. Here are some interesting facts about the Listen Wireless Headphone.


When talking about aesthetics, Listen wireless headphones can truly say that it can hold on its own. Focal and Ubisoft has partnered with French jeweler Tournaire and coated the headphones with real gold. What’s even more interesting is that they used 3D modeling to craft each piece.

Listen is made to be resilient. You get a sturdy feel of the headphone the moment you take it out of its box. Turn and twist the headband without the fear of breaking the headphone. Its brushed chrome ear cups are durable and sturdy. This headphone is designed for on-the-go use and has an added 1.5m audio cable if ever you want a wired audio listening while on the road.


This headphone’s sound quality speaks for itself. The Listen wireless headphones have a clear voice capture feature. You can hear a crystal clear and detailed sound transmission. Music enthusiasts and gamers can create an emotional benefit on the headphone’s audio performance.

If you’re a fan of loud music, you don’t need to turn your headphone’s volume up because Listen is a sensitive machine. It’ll adjust on its own. You don’t have to worry about shorter play time. Even at low-end frequency range, the bass has an undeniably rich quality.

On the plus side, you can enjoy quality sound for 20 hours of play time. Now, that’s something for hardcore gamers out there!

It’s Limited

The Listen wireless headphone is a collector’s item. Focal and Ubisoft is to release only 22,222 pieces worldwide. So, if you have the bucks and the desire to own one, then it’s high time to get one.

Final Verdict

Money wise, Listen isn’t the headphones for many but only for a few. Nevertheless, it’s a headphone designed for kings, pharaohs, and well, to those who can afford it.

Aesthetically and technically wise, these headphones are truly one for the books. It can actually hold on its own.

Great job Focal and Ubisoft! This headphone is a tough competitor among other expensive wireless headphones.


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