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Have you ever experienced discomfort while listening to your Beats wireless headphones?

There can be various reasons for this issue. One cause of the damage is probably when you put your Beats wireless headphone in your bag carelessly. This usually happens when you’re in a hurry. It could also be a manufacturing defect. Regardless of these reasons, you might want to try your luck fixing your own wireless headphone.

So, how do you fix your Beats wireless headphone when one side of the headphone isn’t working? Read on to know how you to do it.

Identifying the Problem

To avoid things from getting worse, you should try to identify the problem. Doing this step can help direct you to the main issue easily.

One of the common problems of Beats wireless headphones is the loss of audio on one side. If you’re experiencing snapping or popping sounds while listening to a song, you may want to confirm the distorted sound of your device.

Fixing the Problem

One way to verify this issue is to check the sound with the help of a 3.5mm audio jack and an audio source. This accessory is already included when you buy a Beats wireless headphones.

The 3.5mm audio jack must be correctly plugged into your headphone and audio device.

How do you do it?

The L-shaped input of the audio jack should be connected to an audio device. You can plug it in preferably into a computer or laptop so you can check the configuration settings. An audio source is necessary so that you can identify whether both sides are working or not.

The straight input of the audio jack should be plugged into your headset.

Everything is set, and you already checked the configuration settings, but the problem persists. To double check that everything’s working accordingly, you can try different audio sources or audio jacks. If this doesn’t fix the issue at all, you may want to consider your wireless headphones to be checked by a skilled Beats technician.

There might be a hardware issue. The side where the sound doesn’t come out probably had internal parts broken. When this happens, contact the Beats technical support. They may help you solve the issue.

In fixing this problem, the technician may need some tools and the right materials. This may involve disassembling your wireless headphone. But it’s best to contact the Beats technical support, so you get proper guidance on fixing your wireless headphone issue.


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