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Facebook will soon have an impressive upgrade for their one billion subscribers. CEO Mark Zuckerberg dreams of bringing virtual reality to Facebook.

Zuckerberg recently debuts the new Oculus Rift headset, the Oculus Go. He said that it’s Facebook’s first all-in-one, wireless VR headset which will be available in the market soon for only $199.

The wireless headphone exudes quality and portability at a reasonable price. This headset’s price falls between two of Facebook’s earlier devices which are the Samsung Gear VR ($129), and the Oculus Rift ($399).

“It’s an all-new standalone headset that doesn’t require you to snap in a phone or attach a cable,” Zuckerberg said at the annual Oculus’ ‘Connect’ developer conference held in San Jose, California.

The Oculus Go features an incredible 2560×1440 QuadHD screen and a new set of lenses. It’s equipped with a built-in spatial audio which can be used even without headphones. The wireless headphone also has a control device which is similar to that of Samsung’s Gear VR.

Zuckerberg describes virtual reality as the next dominant computing platform after smartphones.

Their latest addition to their VR product line should extend Facebook’s availability to other gadgets apart from being dependent on smartphone manufacturers.

The idea that technology is ‘isolating and anti-social,’ will one day be disproved. Zuckerberg stressed his view that virtual reality will eventually make everyone’s lives better.

“Saying that VR is isolating because it’s immersive is really narrow,” Zuckerberg said. “Opening up experiences to all of us — that’s not isolating, that’s freeing.”

The Facebook CEO explained how virtual reality could improve the quality of education for the future generations. With VR, every student from any field of study can freely expose themselves to more detailed information. Instructors can also accommodate their students without being physically present.

When it comes to entertainment, VR is much enjoyed by gamers these days, but soon people can go beyond limits. Zuckerberg describes how an elderly woman in the UK uses the Oculus to visit various places virtually because she couldn’t physically travel.

With the CEO’s futuristic goal, Zuckerberg noted that Facebook would also need to be careful to create a ‘safe’ environment in VR.

Facebook plans to offer its Oculus Go developer kit this coming November. The company also plans to release the Oculus Go next year.


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