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With the continuous progress of technology, it seems like everything is easier as time goes by. One of the products of the evolution of technology is Bluetooth. It makes sharing any file accessible and secure as well as connecting devices to work together. Bluetooth is usually found in smartphones, tablets, laptops, wireless headphones and speakers.

As Bluetooth technology serves as a global wireless standard, it continues to evolve to meet the needs of the users.

Here comes Bluetooth 5, the latest version of Bluetooth technology that promises to advance wireless connectivity across devices.

Bluetooth 5 enhances the performance of its predecessor, Bluetooth v4.2 and that includes the operational range. So if you use wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5, there’ll be more room to move around since the connection’s range is wider compared to v4.2. It has also doubled its speed of transmission, allowing you to transfer files faster and allows you to transfer bigger data. Bluetooth 5 will be available in future devices by 2018 like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

If you’re fond of using wireless headphones, you know so well how Bluetooth plays a big part for you to enjoy music without wires. Here are the top 5 benefits of future wireless headphones using Bluetooth 5 as wireless connectivity. It’ll cover all the essential factors to enable a robust and high-quality wireless audio connection.

1. Wider Range

Yes, Bluetooth does cut the wires when we’re listening to music with our wireless headphones. However, past Bluetooth versions only allow a maximum of 33 feet (10 meters) of operational range. With Bluetooth 5 engaging in wireless headphones, it’ll serve you with four times wider coverage. Some have realistically estimated 40-60 meters of operational range while some claimed it could go as far as 300 meters (1,000 feet). Imagine that on your wireless headphone! No matter how far it’ll go, as long as it goes beyond 33 feet, I’d like to call that improvement. You’ll be able to roam from room to room with your audio source hanging around on a corner.

2. Faster Data Speed

If Bluetooth v4.2 Low Energy transfer files with a speed of 1 Mbps, Bluetooth 5 has doubled that speed. When you use wireless headphones, it’ll transfer data with a speed of 2 Mbps. That’s way faster!

3. Improves Battery Life

There has always been that notion that enabling Bluetooth will drain your battery, but you have to drop that. Ever since Bluetooth has launched its Bluetooth Low Energy versions, it has been consuming less battery power. With Bluetooth 5’s more efficient performance, it may improve your wireless headphone’s battery life. It’ll use approximately 2.5 times lesser battery power of the devices.

4. Connect Multiple Headphones in One Drive

If your audio source has a Bluetooth 5 technology, you can connect it with multiple headphones simultaneously. You can optimize this feature by using an audio source with a function like Samsung’s Bluetooth Dual Audio feature. This feature allows you to manage the volume level for each headphone connected individually.

5. Clearer Music

Bluetooth 5 can make your listening experience a whole lot better with your wireless headphones by producing clearer music. How? Devices with Bluetooth 5 technology can sense interference at the edges of 2.4 GHz and LTE band nearby. Once detected, it’ll immediately prevent it from interfering with the connection.

If you’re excited with this new Bluetooth 5 technology, you have to wait for wireless headphones to be launched in 2018. I’m sure that once wireless headphone manufacturers start to adapt with the new Bluetooth technology, you’ll have tons of choices to choose from. Let’s cross our fingers that wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5 will package all of its benefits!


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