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You see people using wireless earbuds everywhere you go, from students to business people to seniors, even. It has become part of our lives. Thanks to these small devices’ rising popularity and demand, companies continue to manufacture earbuds, each pair promising better quality than their predecessors. Of course, although not everyone is fond of wireless earbuds, there’s still a good amount of consumers who do. 

Why is it appealing to these specific consumers? Easy. It’s a convenience these wireless earbuds offer. You can easily toss and turn when you’re lying down while listening to music. There’s no need to worry about the wire tangling on other things. Wireless earbuds are also easier to keep–just put them back in their case, and voila! You can even use the earbuds while you’re out on a jog or exercising in the gym. Some of these wireless earbuds have Alexa in their system, making it easier for you to pick songs or ask about the weather. Wireless earbuds offer so much convenience you never thought you’d need.

Just like earbuds with wires, premium-priced wireless buds also have cheaper alternative brands. Granted, you won’t get the same kind of quality you’d most likely prefer. 

Who this is for

While it’s okay to use wired earbuds, there’s a huge difference in terms of convenience between wired and wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds are for those who prefer easier movement while using music devices. These buds are not only for passively listening to songs, but you can also use these to answer phone calls. Although not all wireless earbuds have extra clear mics, they’re still decent enough.

If you’re a gamer, though, some wireless earbuds can give you good sound quality for your games. They’re not as good as actual gaming headphones, but they can still get the job done. 

How we picked and how we tested

Research, patience, and a natural meticulous process are the steps for testing and picking the right earbuds. It’s important for us to check the quality of the earbuds and if their ad walks the talk. Fortunately enough, the majority of our finds were good finds. Please see below, and hopefully, the reviews will help you make up your mind.

Five Best True Wireless Earbuds 2021

Sony WF1000MX4

The Sony brand has become well-known for its good quality televisions and other devices and its true wireless earbuds. For this one, the Sony WF1000MX4 has a total of 8 hours long battery life in moderate use. The charging case adds 24 hours to that. 

The Sony WF1000MX4 supports both Android and iOS devices and has 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. Rest assured for a seamless pairing with these earbuds and a clear connection within 30 meters from your device. Sony also has a noise-canceling feature, making the earbuds ideal for consumers who want clear phone calls plus great sound quality. 

For the sound quality, we highly recommend these earbuds due to the obvious thump of the bass. The bass is clear, and so is the treble. It’s like surrounding yourself with huge speakers in the form of two little earbuds. 

The Sony WF1000MX4 also has a water resistance level of IPX4, making it durable against sweat and drizzles of water. 

Panasonic RZ-S500W

Panasonic, just like Sony, is rising in the market with its true wireless earbuds that can easily be on par with others. The Panasonic RZ-S500W model, in particular, has really good features. 

Although the battery doesn’t last as long as Sony WF1000MX4’s, the 6.5 hours the earbuds give to the consumer is still good for its price. There’s also an additional 13 hours from the earbuds’ charging case. Although the number isn’t as big as Sony’s, it’s still enough to get the job done and enjoy your playlist. Despite the clear difference in battery life, Panasonic RZ-S500W still fights for its place in the True Wireless Earbuds department with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. The distance is 30ft at max, giving you enough room to move around away from your device. 

Answering calls is also convenient with these earbuds because of their twin mics for clearer conversations and the touch controls. Yes, these earbuds have touch controls on their body, unlike the Sony WF1000MX4. For other consumers, this might be Panasonic’s winning factor. 

The earbuds also have noise-canceling features. There’s also the Ambient Mode to let you listen in on the faint sound of your surroundings while listening to music–this is in case you’d like to be aware of your environment. Quite a useful feature for those who want to take leisurely walks or jog at the crack of dawn. 

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus may not be everyone’s first choice, but these earbuds deserve a shot. Unexpected as it may seem, the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus has a battery life longer than Sony’s WF1000MX4 model. These earbuds have 9 hours of life in a single charge and an additional 36 hours from its charging case. Which then brings us a total battery life of 45 hours in moderate use. Of course, expect a lesser number if the volume’s at max. 

Compared to Sony and Panasonic, the only downside to this is it doesn’t have the noise-canceling feature–which would be a huge disadvantage to those who want to use earbuds for phone calls. Sound quality-wise, though, we can confidently say the earbuds are worth the buy. That is if your main purpose for getting earbuds is music. 

To make up for the lack of a noise-canceling feature, Cambridge offers customizable EQ settings with its app. There are also two choices of color for the earbuds–black and white. It gives you a little bit more freedom to match your aesthetic if you have any going on. 

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus’ battery is not only its strong feature. What adds to its charm to make consumers opt for it more is the sound quality. The good quality is crisp and impactful, matching the majority of genres. There’s no hint of distortion or faint static noise when in maximum volume. What the full volume does, though, is enhance the bass sound instead. The customizable EQ settings are just a bonus. 

Sony WF-C500

If the Sony WF1000MX4 isn’t enough, we have here the Sony WF-C500 model. The Sony WF1000MX4 has 8 hours of battery life with the earbuds alone, while Cambridge’s Melomania 1 Plus carries a total of 9 hours. Sony WF-C500 blasts them off with its 10 hours long battery life. It is quite a big battery. Although when it comes to the number of hours the charging case holds, Cambridge’s Melomania 1 Plus takes the first spot, with Sony WF-C500 falling to third place. It is because WF-C500’s charging case houses an additional 10 hours only. But it makes sense because the earbuds alone have the same number of hours for their battery.

The Sony WF-C500 has a compact design that’s also just as comfortable to use. It offers 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with all devices with the latest software.

In terms of the earbuds’ noise-canceling feature, it doesn’t have that, just like Cambridge’s Melomania 1 Plus. But it has a water-resistant level of IPX4, resisting sprinkles of water and any damages from sweat trickling down the earbuds. 

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

We bring to the table the Google Pixel Buds A-Series. Although the battery life is pale in comparison to Sony, Panasonic, and Cambridge, this is a better option for those who want affordable true wireless earbuds without sacrificing the sound quality.

The Google Pixel Buds A-Series only have 5 hours of playtime, with an additional 20 hours from its charging case. The earbuds don’t have the noise-canceling feature, either, but the 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity makes up for that. The Google Pixel Buds A-Series also has a built-in mic and touch controls. It promises a smooth pairing process, especially with android smartphone devices. 

The sound quality isn’t bad, either, with the bass clear and deep. The voice is just as crisp, and there’s a pleasant sophisticated feel to the music. We consider this a great pair with its affordable price despite the lack of noise-canceling features. 


Here are a few questions commonly asked with the best answers we can provide. 

Are the sound quality and connectivity better/worse when paired with iOS or Android?

No. The sound quality doesn’t change no matter what software your device houses. Unlike wired earbuds, where the good quality drastically varies depending on the brand of your phone, true wireless earbuds work differently. The quality remains the same. 

Are cheaper true wireless earbuds better?

The prices don’t always reflect a device’s performance. Sometimes, the ad doesn’t walk the talk, nor does the price. It is where testing comes in. What contributes to a premium price is the material used in manufacturing the device. The features, although quite great, are more or less common nowadays, so that won’t be too difficult to whip up. There are instances when a cheap earbud is so much better than an extremely pricy one because brands make a huge impact in selling earbuds. 

That said, it is always better to test out the earbuds you are going to buy to see if you find the quality pleasing or not. 


The fact that so many people nowadays use true wireless earbuds is noticeable. It also pushes others to try out what is making people spend so much on such small devices. It all depends on your preferences and your main purpose of getting wireless earbuds. It’s best to keep that in mind when browsing for potential choices of wireless earbuds in the market. 


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