Best Earbuds Under $150

Blowing off $150 for a pair of earbuds might seem random. But if you plan to stick to a budget, finding realistic options is the only way to go. Good thing that you can find many options for truly wireless earbuds today.

For the best earbuds under $150 in 2020, here are your top options:

Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds

If you’re into running, working out in the gym, or taking calls on the go, then the Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds is for you. Jabra initially released Elite 65t in January for $169. With the release of its second-gen model, the price went down. 

The 65T boasts a 100% wireless earbud-compact design. Listeners can enjoy a secure fit that complements an active lifestyle. For such a small package, it’s also surprisingly good for taking calls. For those who want bass-heavy tunes, know that it might lack a bit in that area. 

As to its battery life, it lives up to its hype. Five hours of playback in every single charge is not bad. Plug it for a quick 15-minute charge, and it will give you 1.5 hours of playtime. It comes with a convenient portable charging hub that’s lightweight and pocket-friendly.

Apple AirPods

The Apple Airpods came out for $159, but when Apple dropped Airpods Pro, a pair will now only cost $150 when it’s on sale.

With its minimalist look, it’s a common sight everywhere with its brand popularity. As the first pair of earbuds on this list also offers 5 hours of playback time on a single charge. You’ll get 3 hours for a 15-minute charge, which is double the number for Jabra. 

As far as Jabra is concerned, the Airpods can’t compare with ergonomic design. Airpods don’t feel as stable if you’re using them to lead an active lifestyle. But when it comes to noise isolation and overall sound quality, this pair indeed hit the marks.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

Another top-rated in the real wireless earbuds market is the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro. With its powerful drivers, you can enjoy the clear and full sound quality. These bass-heavy earbuds rock without getting muddy or boomy. 

The massive sound stage is one of the top-selling points of Anker. But when it comes to size and fit, these are meant for larger ears. When you purchase a pair, you’ll receive many liquid silicone eartips to find the right fit for you.

Hikers, runners, or anyone who loves the outdoors will enjoy its IPX4 sweatproof capabilities. Although these earbuds don’t offer active noise cancellation, it has decent passive noise cancellation.

With a full charge, it offers a solid 8-hour battery life. The charging case will offer additional 24 hours. It’s also a fast-charging electronic.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Another bang for the buck pair is the Samsung Galaxy Buds. These excellent true wireless earbuds have excellent ratings and for good reasons. You can choose to get them with or without the charging case

Talk about its sound quality, and you won’t be disappointed. It comes with decent highs and exceptional bass response. Like the Galaxy Buds+ Plus, you’ll also get a few ear tips to find the right fit. These buds are comfortably snug, which also offers passive noise cancellation. 

Those who love running, doing yoga, going to the gym, you’d love how it has IPX2 sweat-resistant capabilities. It also offers decent battery life with 6 hours of full charge. If you want an additional 7 hours, then get the charging case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus

One of the latest true wireless earbuds below the $150 mark is the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus. These pairs produce fantastic sound quality with its woofer and tweet from AKG. Sparkly highs and punchy low-end offer bliss in every beat. Compared to other items in this price range, it’s one of the top-performing pairs for sound quality.

You can pick from the various wing sizes and ear tips. Like the previous model, it also boasts extreme comfort right out of the box. When it comes to its noise cancellation properties, it doesn’t have active capabilities. But you can rely on the natural isolation available with its snug fitting buds.

With its 11-hour battery life, you can use them all day long. The case also adds another 11 hours for that non-stop music or phone calls. You’ll get an additional hour of enjoyable playtime with only 3 minutes of charging.

The top-selling point of this pair is its fantastic call quality. Each bud has one internal mic and two external mics. While you’re on the phone, the earbuds will filter out the ambient noise automatically. It works well even in hectic places, offering precise sound quality.


When it comes to picking the best earbuds under $150, you have the last say. Depending on your priorities and lifestyle, you can choose a pair that complements your daily routine. We hope this list gave you a substantial idea of which brands to consider. If you want to check out wireless earbuds a little over this price range, check out this article.

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