About the brand

Whether you’re enjoying a game with your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch,  smartphone or PC, Turtle Beach has your gaming audio covered. The Turtle Beach Corporation delivers the best gaming headsets that enhance your gaming experience that ordinary headphones can’t offer. They also offer sound cards, gaming mouse, and keyboards.

Founded in 1975, their first product was a graphical editing system. They then produced PC sound cards as well as midi synthesizers when they merged with Voytera. The company jumped into the console gaming headset industry just 12 years ago. Its first gaming headphone model from Turtle Beach is the X51. Ever since they’ve been the leading company that delivers the most innovative and top-quality products, their headsets are sure going to help you end your games with a victory.

The Turtle Beach Corporation believes that the better you hear the audio of the game you’re playing, you’ll play the game better. Their gaming headsets will help players conquer different missions and defeat their enemies with no sweat.

The company innovates their premium headsets with advanced audio performance with their Superhuman Hearing technology that gives gamers an extra edge to win the game. The comfort and design of their headphones are exquisite. The players can enjoy a game marathon without feeling the burden of wearing a headset. Also, the gamers can also enjoy a clear communication between their teammates with their featured Mic Monitoring and Dynamic Chat Boost.

Turtle Beach caters the needs of every type of gamer around the world. They continue to bring out modern headsets equipped with advanced technology and other gaming accessories.

With the Turtle Beach gaming headsets and accessories, you’ll get the best gaming experience and a great chance of winning!

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