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Dental procedures will now use preloaded wireless headphones to calm patients through the innovative company, Surgical Serenity Solutions Incorporated.

Surgical Serenity Solutions Incorporated is a company that believes that an ideal music helps ease the perception of pain in patients undergoing medical procedures. With this in mind, Surgical Serenity Solutions Inc. provides wireless headphones preloaded with music. The preloaded music is believed to help ease the mind conditioning of patients with pain and anxiety during procedures.

One of the common medical procedures that people in-line with the word ‘pain’ is a dental procedure. Whether young or adult ones, it’s a common perception that it’ll hurt. But with the use of preloaded wireless headphones, it brings “rhythmic entrainment” and makes the patients forget about the pain. It can also help lessen their anxiety and stress towards the dental procedure.

This method leads to the lesser use of anesthesia and other prescription drugs utilized in the entire process. Anesthesia may sound ordinary and safe, but that’s not entirely the truth. It leads to several side effects like a headache and vomiting or even worse, death.

Surgical Serenity Solutions’ preloaded wireless headphone calms patients. It provides a straightforward and natural method to reduce pain and adverse effects of dental procedures.

This patent-based music ‘rhythmic entrainment’ works by synchronizing respiratory and cardiac functions. The resting heart rate and breathing will sync with the slow, steady music.

To summarize its benefits, here’s a list:

  • Provides safe and serene experience
  • Stabilizes body rhythms through the rhythmic entrainment
  • Blocks other noise and conversations in the room
  • Reduces the use of other medications
  • Improves more efficient recovery process

The playlist is available in Classical and Lullaby modes. The Serenity Surgical Solutions preloaded wireless headphones are available in two models, the Patient and the Hospital models.

The Patient Model is where a patient can bring it at home for future use in the next dental procedure. Featuring a 1 GB memory card, it provides a high-quality audio performance. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 to 8 hours per full charge.

The Hospital Model is used in dental clinics. The headphone comes with disposable earpad covers for safe use for different patients. Built within the headphone is a 4GB memory flash to provide high-quality audio. The rechargeable battery built in the headphones runs up to 20 to 24 hours per full charge.

Here’s a testimonial from a patient that has undergone a dental procedure with a preloaded wireless headphone.

Ann Thoen from Canada said:

I had my dental surgery with your surgery music, and it was wonderful. I had begun listening to the music ahead of time, so they were like old friends when surgery time rolled around. I was calm and relaxed before surgery. The dentist and staff tucked me in, made sure I had my music, away we went. Post -op I was still relaxed – had sleep and had little pain- I had a bunch of work done – I did take an Advil at bedtime just for “insurance” but didn’t need it.


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