Pioneer is The First Major Earphone Brand to Adopt Apple’s MFi Lightning Audio Module

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Apple’s been making a big leap in technology since the beginning. This time, they removed the headphone jack in the latest products they produce. It was a bold move, but it seems to catch the attention of many people.

Apple has claimed that its primary purpose of removing the headphone jack is to make the iPhone 7 water resistant. But one possible reason is Apple’s desire for their AirPod wireless earphones to sell. It wasn’t much of a sellable product since nobody wants to buy and lose such an expensive pair of earphones.

But the real disadvantage of removing the headphone jack? It’s the incapability for you to use your wired headphones in the Lightning Port while charging. You have to do these things at a different time. It doesn’t allow you to multitask. This is a real bummer especially if you’re traveling for long hours and have to top up your battery.

But hey! No need to worry! As Pioneer becomes the first major earphone brand to adapt to Apple’s MFi Lightning Audio Module (LAM2). This is Lightning’s second generation technology. It’s built around a LightX standard and developed by Avnera Corporation. This technology has less power consumption and a smaller size for smart Lightning headsets.

Introducing the Pioneer Rayz Plus earphones, it’ll solve your problem of choosing between listening to music or charging your phone.

This earphone is far best the perfect accessory you can have for your iPhone. Rayz is the only earphone in the market with talk and charge capability.

Lightning Port

The most remarkable feature of the Pioneer Rayz Plus earphones is its Lightning charging port. This is what makes you multitask your listening sessions with charging. You don’t need to fret about running low on power.

Noise Cancelling

The Pioneer Rayz Plus earphones feature a smart noise canceling function. This feature is pretty handy for those who want to focus on the things they want. Meanwhile, you can also activate the HearThru Mode that allows you to hear the ambient noise especially when you’re on the streets.


Another smart feature of this earphone is its in-ear detection that activates the AutoPause. When you take the earphones off, the music automatically pauses and resumes when you put it back on.

Smart Button

With one touch of this earphone’s programmable smart button, you can start up your needed app or mute/unmute calls.

“HEY SIRI”. The Pioneer Rayz Plus earphones are also the first of its kind to recognize ‘Hey Siri’ commands. Make a call, send a message, and open an app and so much more the easier way!

Smart Mute

Got a phone call? This earphone automatically goes on mute when you’re listening to the caller. It automatically unmutes when you start talking.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is over the top with a bass response that’s incredibly flattering. There’s plenty of detail in the treble and a mid-range that complements the audio performance. At maximum volume level, the sound quality is just impressive.

You can customize its audio performance according to your preference using the Rayz app.

The Pioneer Rayz Plus earphone is up for grabs in black and rose gold colors. You can exclusively buy this pair of earphones at Apple stores for $$$.


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