About the Brand

“People who expect the extraordinary choose Phiaton.” Phiaton is a brand that stays true to quality and innovation. They aim to redefine the listening experience of every music aficionado around the world. If you want an extraordinary listening experience, choose Phiaton. Phiaton produces premium quality audio devices through their persistent research on new technologies. They continue to research and innovate their products to manufacture products that are worth every penny that you spend. It’s guaranteed that every product branded with Phiaton is a match of inventive technology and exquisite design. The audio performance is beyond compare while assuring the comfort of its users. It’s made possible by their team of passionate people. The Phiaton Corporation is part of Korean company Cresyn Co., Ltd. The company is well-known in producing quality consumer electronics. Whether you prefer headphones or earphones, every Phiaton product carries all the right qualities and performance their customers deserve. They’re simply an extraordinary brand that produces exceptional products for those who thrive for something extraordinary.

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