About the Brand

Noontec is a reliable brand that started in Australia way back in March 2002. Since then, the company has been dedicated and persistent in producing top quality audio and video products. They stand by the consistency of creating well-designed and innovative products. They want to contribute to providing an excellent experience for their customers. The company’s innovative mind made them produce first of its kind electronic devices. Just like in 2005, the company launched the A6. It’s the first ever all-aluminum 1080p HD media player. It was sold in 40 countries and made a sale of more than 500,000 sets. In 2010, Noontec also released ZORO, the first foldable Hi-Fi headphones. The customers loved its convenient and compact structure as well as the audio performance. It gained a 5-star level from all the media outlets it was available. Soon enough, Noontec kept on innovating and designing excellent headphones like Hammo that’s also well-loved by its users worldwide. Noontec strives for perfection in every product they produce. They made sure they’re all made from well-thought design and sustainable innovation. Their products aim to go beyond your expectations in every headphone.

Product Reviews