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We tend to believe that wireless headphones give us total music freedom. Probably, the greatest problem encountered with wireless headphones is that they keep falling off, especially the in-ear type. We’re talking about using wireless headphones when we’re out for a jog, a run, or any activity that requires us to move a lot. A lot of brands promise of providing a good fit to the ears, but still, the problem stays the same – *facepalms*

Listen up. What if all these dreadful years, you’ve been wearing your wireless headphones wrongly?

It’s really annoying that these wireless headphones fall out too often when you’re moving a lot. Well, expensive in-ear headphones don’t guarantee the perfect fit to the ears. So, why your wireless headphones keep falling off boils down to how you wear the headphone – incorrectly. Now, it’s time to put a solution to this simple problem.

Heed my advice, my friend. The right way to wear the wireless headphones (especially the in-ear type) is to hoop them from the back of your ear and down, so the part of the cord goes over your ear.

It may seem inconvenient and odd at first, but you’ll get used to it after some time. It’ll prevent the cords from being pulled out of your ear when they swing too much or get caught on something.

Another brilliant idea is to pull the cable a bit further down around in the diaphragm, so the connection to the bud is at the bottom where it usually fits. This method may be more comfortable than the previous one. It’s also the best way to eliminate the squishy noise of the cable while walking or running outside.

It’s a big hassle when wireless headphones keep falling off the ear. Do these simple methods, and you’re one problem down from all the annoyances in the world.

You should also know that not being able to wear the wireless headphone properly affects the sound quality of the headphone. If you don’t get the right fit, or if it doesn’t give you a tight seal in the ear, you’ll probably get a tinny or a dull sound production from the headphone.

Remember that when you wear it right, you get the best sound quality without the hassle of falling it off your ears.


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