About the Brand

“Never Ending Learning Innovation”

HamiltonBuhl takes charge in designing and manufacturing electronic devices and equipment for presentation for education and industry purposes. HamiltonBuhl was first known as Hamilton Electronics since 1933 until it merged with Buhl Industries in 2011. It then became as HamiltonBuhl, a company known for excellent products from their over 100 years of experience of meeting different challenges.

HamiltonBuhl is an innovator in technology that continues to develop innovative products to give better education to learners of all ages. Plus, their devices are a big help for facilitators. Their products include sets of wireless headphones and listening centers, digital cameras, visual presenters and digital signage.

You can also expect an excellent customer service from them to stand with their goal of helping teachers and students for better education. Aside from educators, some industries also use HamiltonBuhl’s presentation equipment for training and seminars.

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