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FitBit is a company known for their wearable wireless activity trackers. These wireless activity trackers enable their wearers to measure their daily routines and exercises. Monitoring data includes the heart rate, the number of steps walked or climbed, the quality of sleep, and other parameters that involve health and fitness.

Now, they’re taking another step higher to make fitness more accurate and fun at the same time. From an ordinary wristband, the company announced that they’d release their exclusive pair of wireless headphones.

Introducing the Fitbit Flyer.

The Flyer is Fitbit’s first ever pair of wireless earphones.These wireless headphones are custom-designed to be your partner in health and life.

Here are some exclusive features of the Flyer to know why this headphone is the next big thing.

Innovative Design

One of the biggest key factors in choosing a product is design and aesthetics. Aside from being a good-looking headset, the Flyer is small, lightweight and has an ergonomic in-ear fit to add comfort. What’s even greater is that you can customize the fit with their interchangeable ear tips, wings, and fins that come with different sizes. These customized accessories are included in the package.

Built for Fitness and Work

One of the key factors of a great headphone is the built. Some wireless headphones are made for one purpose, but the Fitbit Flyer is an exemption to that rule. The Fitbit Flyer is ergonomically designed for both play and work. This wireless headphone is durable and sweatproof which is a good thing for fitness monsters on their tough workouts.

Sound and Audio Quality

What’s a headphone for if the sound quality sucks? Quite ironic, right? The Flyer has premium wireless sound built to have a crisp and clear audio, mixed with powerful bass and a dynamic sound range. Fitbit’s Flyer also has two (2) sound settings: the Power boost and Flyer’s signature sound setting. It also has passive noise isolation which reduces the distraction of outside noises for better listening.

Multi-device Connectivity

Most wireless headphones can connect to one device, but with the Fitbit Flyer, you can connect seamlessly to multiple devices at the same time. This feature is made possible with its recent Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. You can connect the headphone to your Fitbit Ionic and your phone simultaneously.

Battery Life

The Fitbit Flyer has a long battery life. You can use up to 6 hours of playtime and has a 15-minute quick charge to extend another hour.

Music and Call Controls

You can easily manage and adjust your sound, control your playlist and answer or end calls with its three-button control box. The wireless headphone is also equipped with a dual microphone. This feature suppresses external noise for better and high-quality hands-free calls.

So, what can you say about Fitbit’s newest addition to its lineup? Tell us more in the comments section below.


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