About the Brand

Bang & Olufsen is a Danish company known for their high-end consumer electronics. They manufacture high-quality audio-visual products that have unique but sophisticated designs. Their wireless headphones are labeled under their consumer-oriented marketing brand, B&O Play.

The great interest of Peter Bang in radio technology and Svend Olufsen’s business skills gave a successful breakthrough in the radio and audio system industry. In 1925, they officially made their pioneer radio and audio devices which were used in cars, films, and roof-mounted loudspeakers.

Bang & Olufsen had opened their own retail stores in the 90s but were affected by the economic crisis since 2008. Last March 2015, they opened for partnership with HP, and later with Beats Electronics. However, in the same year, it ended its acquirement by Apple Inc.

Bang & Olufsen wireless headphones have a distinctive design described as “quality media conveyance via striking objects.” Their dedication with radios and loudspeakers drove them to set high standards in producing quality musical reproduction which isn’t influenced by technological impediments. Until this time, psychoacoustics is essential to designing and testing Bang & Olufsen audiovisual products.

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