Apple AirPods VS Apple AirPods Pro

Choosing between Apple AirPods and the AirPods pro can be straightforward if you consider sticking to a budget first. But if you’re one of those listeners who want to splurge on a pair of true wireless earbuds, then stay on this page.

Read on for a quick comparison between Apple AirPods vs. Apple AirPods Pro:

Apple AirPods Apple AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Previous Model) Apple AirPods Pro
PRODUCT NAME Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Previous Model) Apple AirPods Pro
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Noise Cancellation

This round goes to the AirPods Pro because Apple AirPods don’t have it.
You can customize the noise cancellation level with the Pro. It can even allow you to use Transparency Mode, a feature that lets you hear what’s happening around you. That’s a practical feature if you love using earbuds while jogging or walking in crowded places.

The regular AirPods only offer a noise reduction effect. That’s possible by the tight seal you experience when wearing them.

Adaptive EQ

Inside the Pro earbuds are internal microphones that can measure volume. They can help in effective noise cancellation, but there’s more. This feature allows Adaptive EQ, which helps optimize sound quality for your physiology.

How does it work?

Apple says that the AirPods Pro automatically tunes low to mid frequencies. It’s possible by using a custom high dynamic range amplifier that produces clear sound. This feature works like so while extending the battery life.

Sadly, Apple AirPods don’t feature this quality.

Sound Stage

You won’t find a mind-boggling difference in audio performance between the two earbuds but many users have noticed that the Pro has a slightly wider soundstage. It means that you can hear individual instruments better.

Users also note that the overall clarity when using the Pro is more prominent than its predecessor. That’s because the Pro has a slightly larger chamber and frequency range that lets sound expand more.

Water Resistance

If you’re a gym rat or you are generally an active person, then you might need to invest in the AirPods Pro. This pair is water-resistant with an IPX4 rating. It means that it can handle sweat and water better than non-water resistant AirPods.

This quality doesn’t mean that you can take your high-end AirPods Pro in the pool. It doesn’t work like that because these are not a pair of swimming headphones. But in this round, the Pro gets the score.

Fit and comfort

For starters, the Pro has custom eartips. That makes it easier to find better customization than the one-size-fits-all Apple AirPods.

You can choose from the number of eartips inside the box. If you’re unsure which pair of Apple eartips to select, then Apple will help you find the correct fit with its quick audio test. You’ll love how you can also tailor the sound to suit your ear structure.

Since the eartips on the Pro are made of plastic, you’re stuck with them. Some people might find this more comfortable than the silicone eartips from Pro.

In this round, your preferences will be the judge. Some users find it uncomfortable with silicone eartips being pushed into their ears.

Aside from the silicone tips, the Pro also has a small pressure valve inside the earbuds.
This quality is borrowed from the PowerBeats Pro, and it helps reduce pressure inside the ears. So if you’re sensitive to pressure build-up, then Pro might be the better deal for you.


Comparing the Apple AirPods vs. Apple AirPods Pro means you are comparing an upgraded version to its old one. That means Pro is, no doubt, the better deal if sticking to a budget isn’t your priority.

Apple AirPods Pro has better water-resistance, active noise cancellation, and more customizable features. So if you think this pair suits your lifestyle, then spending a few more dollars on this pair deserves a yes.

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