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If you’ve been a fan of wireless headphones, speakers, and other smartphone accessories, chances are you have bumped into the brand, Anker. They’ve been in the industry for quite some time and have been making quality electronic devices. They make portable music accessories, and this time they’re giving it all out!

Anker has been set to release Zolo, a new brand name, and product line. The line focuses on smart wireless headphones which the company termed as “hearables.”

The first product under the Zolo line is the wireless earbuds named as Zolo Liberty+. The Anker CEO Steven Yang focused on three main points in this earbud. They gave emphasis on the price, smart features, and battery life.

The Liberty+ will take a first on some features which make it excellent for music lovers. It’s the first wireless earbud to use the latest Bluetooth version, the Bluetooth 5. What does that mean? It means a wireless music streaming with a little chance of losing the connection the farther you go. The Bluetooth 5 is said to have an operational range of 400 meters with a 120-meter realistic range.

Another first for Liberty+ is that it uses drivers covered with graphene which makes it the first ever headphone to use it in the entire world. Graphene is considered as the world’s first 2D material. It’s a tough material, about 100 times tougher than the strongest steel. It’s an allotrope of carbon in a honeycomb structure. These earbuds will surely make every beat worth thumping for.

Liberty+ will leave no smart assistant out of the picture. It’ll support the major smart assistants you know – Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Cortana. You can surely pair any device with this wireless earbud without trouble.

The Zolo Liberty+ will have more powerful battery life compared to the Apple Airpods. The built-in battery in Liberty+ will last up to three and a half hours. But the package includes an extra battery power kept in the carrying case which will provide a good 48 hours of battery life or 2 days. The Airpods’ case only stores 24 hours of extra battery life.

Anker has patented a GripFit technology in each of the earbuds which are thought to keep the earbud in place. They’re made of liquid silicon for a softer and more comfortable fit in your ears compared to the standard earbuds on the market.

An added feature is helpful when you’re outdoors. If you want to be aware of your surroundings, you can activate the transparency mode. Enabling this mode, allows you to hear what’s happening around you.

The Zolo Liberty+ wireless earbuds are available for shipping by October or November 2017 with a price tag of $149.00. The first Kickstarter backers will luckily get this earbud for $99.00.


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