The 5 Most Expensive Wireless Headphones in the World

Image of Abyss – AB-1266

Wireless headphones are a thing nowadays. They come in all shapes and sizes. Wireless headphones have become a necessity for some people and a luxury to others. However, to those people who aren’t afraid to spend for a pair of headphones, this article is for you. We’re going to feature the five most expensive wireless headphones in the market.

1. Abyss – AB-1266

Abyss – AB-1266

The looks may not tell you anything but never judge a book by its cover. In the case of the Abyss AB-1266, this adage applies just the same. These headphones boast superb specifications. Though it has a rectangular shape, you can be sure that there’s a natural, precise adjustability feature. So when those soft lambskin pads land to your ears, expect the absence of pressure or discomfort.

The Abyss AB-126 underwent a rigorous 5-year development to ensure that the planar magnetic drivers are in proper positions. These features reduce reflections and create an open sound from the headphone’s thin, low-mass diaphragm. This results in a broad bandwidth and widescreen spectrum making way for surround sound quality. The sound reproduced will make you feel as if nothing’s going on between you and your music.

2. Final Sonorous X

Final Sonorous X

The Final Sonorous X has not made its debut in the market yet but is already making noise. This gold-plated wireless headphones also have a durable aluminum and stainless steel body. These headphones house 50mm dynamic drivers and titanium diaphragms that guarantee minimal presence to most unwanted noise and distortion.

The headphones are quite bulky at 630g, but they’re intended that way to ensure that once the headphones are clasped on your ears securely, it’ll reduce a lot of ambient sounds. This will then mean better listening experience.

Warning: The following wireless headphones are expensive. Read at your own discretion.

3. V-Moda Crossfade Wireless

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless

V-Moda initially made a name for itself in the DJ arena. Now, it’s going its way to the high lifestyle box. The Crossfade has a dual diaphragm, and robust steel-frame, optimized for smartwatches. These wireless headphones are all for you to enjoy. What makes this wireless headphone expensive is because that it’s customizable and is filled with precious metals. The more you want to customize the more expensive it gets.

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4. Sennheiser Orpheus

Sennheiser Orpheus

Take time to let that sink in. The Orpheus is an electrostatic wireless headphone that comes in the guise of a space machine. The power amp base of the Orpheus is crafted out of pure Italian marble. These headphones also have quartz glass vacuum valves rising from it that glow on ignition.

It flaunts a four parallel digital-to-analog DAC channels per ear, ensuring super-low audio distortion at levels that are physically inaudible. Its 8Hz to 100kHz frequency response range is beyond the capacity of the human’s ability to hear.

5. Lil Wayne’s Diamond-Encrusted Beats

Lil Wayne’s Diamond-Encrusted Beats

Well, no one is as bold as Lil Wayne, but maybe there are some who would want to indulge in some well, luxury. Lil Wayne’s Diamond-Encrusted Beats may come off as just an ordinary Beats by Dr. Dre headphones only that it’s encrusted with diamonds and all. Well, yeah. That’s just about it. Only the diamonds made it super expensive.

What do you think of our list of the 5 most expensive wireless headphones in the world? You think we missed a spot?

Your Guide To The 5 Most Expensive Wireless Headphones In The World

RankImageHeadphonesRatingsFind Lowest Price
#1Abyss – AB-1266Abyss – AB-12668.8
#2Final Sonorous XFinal Sonorous X8.6
#3V-Moda Crossfade WirelessV-Moda Crossfade Wireless8.7

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#4Sennheiser OrpheusSennheiser Orpheus8.8
#5Lil Wayne’s Diamond-Encrusted BeatsLil Wayne’s Diamond-Encrusted Beats8.6